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San Diego Museum of Art

In and With - Part II: How do knowledge and information flow?

Friday June 1st
7:30pm to 9pm
San Diego Museum of Art

Panelists include:

  • Todd Gloria, San Diego City Council
  • Anchi Mei, Health Program Manager, International Rescue Committee
  • Brian Goldfarb, Associate Professor, Department of Communication, UCSD
  • Xavier Leonard, Multi-media Artist
  • Moderated by David White

This panel will focus on how information and knowledge gets distributed in the public realm. Quite often the ability to access resources, self-advocate and connect with like-minded individuals and groups is dependent on our ability to locate the most useful sources of information and knowledge. Conversely, as advocates for particular causes and concerns, our ability to mobilize support for specific ideas is tied to our ability to navigate various channels of information and knowledge distribution. This panel will look at how these issues manifest themselves locally. Topics covered will be: city infrastructure, food distribution, green spaces, and social advocacy.

This panel continues the dialogue from Thursday's panel at UCSD.

This event is free with admission to the museum.