Schedule of Events

All events are free of charge, but donations are greatly appreciated.

RSVP's are not required for events, with the exception of the Landis Dinner on Sunday.

Thursday May 31st

3pm - 5:30pm In and With - Part I a conversational forum moderated by David White

Friday June 1st

5pm - 6:30pm Wayfinding Seminar with Mario Borja and Micki Davis
6:30pm - 7pm Re-locating a University presentation and sculpture by David White
7:30pm - 9pm In and With - Part II: How do knowledge and information flow?
a panel discussion with Todd Gloria, Anchi Mei, Brian Goldfarb, and Xavier Leonard;
moderated by David White

Saturday June 2nd

10am - noon Brunch with Strangers
noon - 2pm Photography workshop with Shane Anderson and Zach Parks at Agitprop
1pm - 3pm Un-Photography workshop with Andrew Printer at Art Produce
2pm - 4pm Bicycle tour of thrift stores with Joy Boe and Josh Bellfy
2pm - 4pm Silkscreening workshop with Eddie Miramontes
2pm - 4pm Music by Bill Wesley, Asha Sheshadri, and Sean Francis Conway at the Whistlestop
2pm - 6pm Streetcar tours with Beryl Forman, Xavier Leonard, Leslie Ryan, and Randy Van Vleck. Music by Carla Smith and M.J. Stevens
6pm - 10pm Hard Shoulder opening reception of new work by Shane Anderson at Agitprop
8pm - 10pm Poetry reading at Agitprop
8pm - 9pm You Are Here projected films by Glen Wilson
8:30pm - 9:30pm Critical Postcards at Art Produce garden
9:30pm - 11:00pm Music by starvelab (Michael Trigilio) and Chris Warren at Art Produce garden

Sunday June 3rd

10am - 1pm Brunch/Intercambio at Santos Market
2pm - 4pm Daily Unusual zine workshop at Art Produce
3pm - 7pm Alt. Town Square workshops at the North Park Theatre parking lot
2pm - 4pm Yard by Yard II garden tour with Lesley Stern
6pm - 8pm Hay conexiones entre de los tres: a dinner atop the Landis Street overpass
with Elizabeth Chaney RSVP required, subject heading: DINNER
8pm - 10pm Block party on Landis near I-805 overpass