Critical Postcards

Saturday June 2nd
8:30pm to 9:30pm
Art Produce

Join Agitprop director David White for a series of short skype conversations with artists and activists from around the country to find out the strategies they use in producing work that engages public space through collaborative efforts! These conversations will be projected in the garden space of Art Produce Gallery.

In conversation:

  • Yesica A Guerra is the director of CRONICAS DE HEROES/Hero Reports, an online platform where citizens can post positive activities that counteract stereotypes from cities that are frequently portrayed through negative imagery.
  • Finishing School is an interdisciplinary artist collective that explores contemporary social, political, and environmental issues. Their projects conflate praxis, play, and activism and seek to engage audiences through various participatory models.
  • Roger Peet of JustSeeds Collaborative, a decentralized network of 26 artists committed to making print and design work that reflects a radical social, environmental, and political stance. With members working from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, JustSeeds operates both as a unified collaboration of similarly minded printmakers and as a loose collection of creative individuals with unique viewpoints and working methods.
  • Ranger Sara Daleiden. The Los Angeles Urban Rangers develop guided hikes, campfire talks, field kits, and other interpretive tools to spark creative explorations of everyday habitats, in our home megalopolis and beyond.

This event is the final stop on a brief walk led by the TGTN organizers. The walk begins at 8pm departing from Agitprop at the opening of artist Shane Anderson's exhibition Hard Shoulder. After leaving Agitprop the group will walk to a video projection by artist Glen Wilson at the intersection of Ray St. and University Ave. called You Are Here, the walk will conclude at Art Produce Gallery to begin the Critical Postcard conversations. After the conversations join us for music by starvelab (Michael Trigilio) and Chris Warren.