Latitude Finder Explained

Still from "Magellan Doesn't Live Here"

Wayfinding Seminar
with Mario Borja and Micki Davis

Friday June 1st
5pm to 6:30pm
San Diego Museum of Art

A discussion and workshop led by Mario Borja on how to construct a wayfinding device to be used in maritime traveling to the island of Guam. Borja is an engineer and craftsman who, with the help of dedicated crewmen and carvers, replicated a traditional Chamorro (native of Guam) canoe called a sakman, a canoe banned during the colonial occupation of Guam. He and his crew plan to sail the canoe to the island of Guam in 2013, using analog navigational devices such as the latitude finder Mario will discuss and help us to create during this workshop.

Micki Davis has just recently finished a short documentary on the sakman project and Borja himself called "Magellan Doesn't Live Here". She will be on hand to discuss this process and assist Mario with fabrication of customized latitude finders that the two will create out of an unlikely material.

This event takes place in the sculpture court.

The workshop will continue on Sunday during Alt. Town Square