Design concept from the North Park Park and Recreation Council Meeting April 2012 report

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Lighter Than Air workshop by Trish Stone.

Alt. Town Square

Sunday June 3rd
3pm to 7pm
North Park Theatre parking lot

Workshops at the North Park Theatre parking lot examining the site as a potential green space. Join artists, architects and landscape architects for a series of workshops examining potential uses of the site and examining design strategies that go into designing a site like this. All are welcome. The events are free and open to the public. Light refreshments will be provided. The Swieners food tent will be at the parking lot during the workshops.

Then join us for a walk through the neighborhood that will meet up with a neighborhood Block Party at the intersection of Swift and Landis near the I-805 overpass. This walk will be led by musician and artist Sean Francis Conway.

For more info about what is currently planned for the site check out: North Park Mini-Park and Associated Streetscape Improvements Project (no affiliation with There Goes the Neigborhood!)

The Periscope Project
North Park Mini-[skate]-Park

The Periscope Project will discuss the essential elements of an effective skate spot, segueing into case studies of public plazas famously appropriated by skateboarders: how has public space fostered economies and cultures unintended by city planners and stakeholders? In this session, we will workshop the potential for this in the proposed North Park Mini-Park.

Trish Stone
Lighter Than Air

Weather balloon launch led by artist Trish Stone. Workshop participants will use hand-held mirrors to communicate with the aerial surveillance device.

Edwin Ortiz
Semantics: A study on words in the design process

The game seeks to define the individuals "urban persona" by their use and choice of words and their relative definition.

Swan Ashby
Choose your park: A game of design challenges, obstacles and opportunities
The game asks participants to carefully consider their ideal park design within a set of given constraints.

Cynthia Ibarra
These Balloons Were Made For Walking

This experiment sets out to visualize through photo-documentation of pedestrians and balloons the walkability of the North Park neighborhood.

Kasi Schnell
SPIN Farming: A DIY approach to integrating productive urban landscapes into the city

Participants are invited, using collage, to imagine how the parking lot may transform into a productive urban landscape.

Sean Francis Conway
Balloon Bassoon making workshop

An instrument making workshop in preparation for a procession to the Landis Street Block Party

Micki Davis and Mario Borja
Wayfinding Workshop part II

A discussion and workshop let by Marion Borja on how to construct a wayfinding device to be used in maritime traveling to the island of Guam. Micki Davis will also be on hand to discuss this process and assist Mario with fabrication of customized latitude finders that the two will create out of an unlikely material.