Bicycle store tour September 2009.

Tally ho! Bicycle thrift store tour September 2009.

Bicycle tour of thrift stores

Saturday June 5th
Noon to 3pm
Tour begins at Howard Ave. and Oregon St.

Join artist Joe Yorty for a bicycle tour of thrift stores in the North Park neighborhood.

The tour starts at noon sharp at the North Park Community Park at the corner of Howard Ave. and Oregon St. The tour will end at University Ave. and 31st St.

Here's a list of thrift stores on the tour (subject to change and not necessarily in order):

  1. Auntie Helen's Thrift Shop
  2. Safari Seconds (Alliance for African Assistance)
  3. San Diego Rescue Mission Thrift Shop
  4. Windmill Thrift Shop
  5. Stuff 'n Thangs

Download a flyer for the thrift store tour.

The bike tour ends at Get It Clean laundromat to stop by the silkscreening workshop