Homeland Security

Sunday June 6th
2pm to 3pm
Tour begins at ART Produce

if the average carrot travels 1500 miles from farm to table (and it does), and the average San Diego-grown orange is eaten in China (and it is), and the average turf front lawn uses up to 4 times more water than an equivalent square feet of vegetables (and it does),

then what are likely outcomes for our community food security if there are disruptions in transportation or communications networks (as there will be), and the oil that fuels our economy is harder to get and more expensive (and it is becoming), and the water that nourishes our bodies and landscapes is rationed (as it is now)?

homeland security looks at local deviations from our industrialized food system through mapping intentional and inadvertent local food production in one neighborhood of North Park. Changing our homeland-scapes from monocultures of lawns into polycultures of food requires a re-imagined aesthetics that allows for improvisational strategies, opportunistic acts, and a little chaos in the garden.

homeland security is a walking tour of very local food production led by Leslie Ryan. The tour begins at ART Produce at 2pm on Saturday June 5. Please email info@nearfoodproject.org

Note we will reconvene at Agitprop at 4pm with Lesley Stern, Leslie Ryan and Bill Tall of City Farmers for a discussion.

Download the homeland security flyer (2.7 MB)